It’s Time to Man Up

What does it really take to Man Up these days? Depends on how you’re feeling – and what your Lady is saying. We have compiled the essential services for elevating a man to his highest self – without requiring privacy curtains or lasers.

From the moment you walk into the “Epic Man Cave” that we call home; you will be part of a completely new and personalized customer experience. Relax in the lounge with a complementary personalized beverage selection while you use our iPads and WiFi to catch-up on business news, sports and entertainment.

Your arrival lets “M” (our Host) know who you are and what you need for your visit. Memberships with Man Up also let “M” know a number of other nuances that are taken into account to ensure your Man Up experience is that pivotal moment of rest and rejuvenation in your busy and productive month. To list it all here would require a spoiler alert – and we’re confident you’ll know how different we are from the very first visit.

Man Up is dedicated to utilizing the latest technology and amenities to deliver a heightened level and experience of men’s grooming that is unmatched by businesses who hope to be our competition. We are the new way for men to achieve their best appearance and most relaxed state-of-mind. As you spend time in our refreshing and energizing space, you’ll quickly realize just how actively we pursue every possible elevation to a man’s life. You’ll have first access to new products, samples and invitations to private events held by our “Partners & Suppliers” including beer-tasting; gear-testing and other unique ways for you to Man Up. See you soon!

  • Hair, Face, Hands, Feet
  • Industry Experts
  • Wifi & Tech Friendly
  • Walk-ins Welcome
  • Express Service Available
  • Private Events/Weddings
  • Free Parking
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