“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” -Oscar Wilde

Welcome to MAN UP Grooming; a masculine space where men can come to relax, unwind and feel respected. It’s that simple; no matter how you come in, you’ll leave thinking and knowing you feel great and you look great. Professional barbers and stylists will tend to your hair, whether you need a ‘fade’, more pepper and less salt, a scalp stimulant treatment, an old fashioned barber style cut, or a multitude of other services.  All of our barbers have extensive experience – no junior stylists here!

We cater to the essential requirements for making you the best man you can be.  Your Hair, Face, Hands & Feet: The first thing anyone sees of you is your face, it’s exposed and out there every day.  Take care of it with a ‘Smooth Operator’ facial and learn the very easy basics of having great skin.

Hands and feet reflect a great deal about you.  For gentlemen in industries that require signing paperwork or the rest of you that gesture while you speak, get yourself some hand maintenance (or as we like to say, put the ‘man’ back into manicure).  Wear sandals or flip flops in the summer? Upgrade those tired feet and give them some TLC.  Your partner will love it when she snuggles up to you.

Receive samples of products you’d like to try, a cold or hot quality drink, and as much attention as you want with each experience. Make the decision to MAN UP soon.

Ready to MAN UP? Call Us or Book your Appointment Online: (604) 770.2223

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