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John Slattery of Mad Men

George Clooney, Daniel Craig and John Slattery are just a few of the guys in Hollywood who have decided to rock their grey hair and bloody well embrace it. Considering it is a look most women consider sexy on a guy (72% of them according to a recent GQ poll) it makes perfect sense. According to this poll, a silver fox gives the impression of a distinguished gentleman who is a strong caretaker/champion and well…it’s HOT! If you have decided to embrace the grey, here are a few ways you can maximize the look.

  1. Purple Shampoo – Purple Shampoo counters the orange. It’s only natural that blonde, platinum or grey colours gradually take on hints of copper & orange over time. Just like anything exposed to the sun, UV and other natural elements, colour loses it’s icy glow over time so to help counter the fade, purple shampoo, which is actually tinted purple, replaces the warm copper tones with cool tones keeping your hair whiter and more vibrant. We recommend you alternate this shampoo with your regular shampoo as to avoid tinting your hair blue. It’s the perfect combo. At Man Up we recommend V76 Brightening Shampoo $24.00 for your grey.
  2. Matte Products – Products with shine reflect more yellow tones which you want to avoid so matte hair styling products will be your new best friend. Man Up offers several matte products which will enhance your Salt and Pepper look. Also, make sure to use a good facial oil such as Urban Beard’s Beard Oil for your beard if there’s some grey in that too.
  3. Keep it trim – Gray hair is often wiry when it grows longer, so try to keep your hair short and tight with regular appointments with your Man Up specialist because it will always look more appropriate, distinguished and more polished.

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