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Only 2 more sleeps until spring officially starts and we, in Vancouver, are well deserving of the season after all the rain we’ve had. And as the rain backs off, camping is back on.

We have put together a simple packing list of the grooming essentials to make life pleasant for you on your trip…or maybe this is more for the people sharing your tent if you know what we mean. Here goes…

  1. A Razor. We know part of the joy of camping is letting it all go but there are those of you who like a clean shave to avoid the itch. This one’s for you. Keep it simple with a classic razor and cream. We chose Edwin Jagger because their products are quality and look even sexier when being used in a creek bed or river.
  2. Nail Clippers. Dirt in the nails is just what happens when you’re camping but bare feet is a part of the program too so keep em tamed friends.
  3. Moisturizer. Kiehls makes a great oil reducing face cream and you will be so glad to have it with you after fishing, chopping wood, hiking, BBQ’ing, jumping in and out of the lake then drying out by the fire.
  4. Kleenex. Just have some handy and do your sleeve a favour. You wrap that arm around your girl at night and NO ONE wants to watch you blow it out on the side of the trail.
  5. Get Jack Black Lip Balm. Avoid the chap.
  6. Replenish Soap. Just take with you into the ocean when you go for a dip. It will only keep you smelling fresh and this particular soap is made locally too. Grab one or two on your way up the Sunshine Coast!!
  7. J Beverly Hills Shampoo and Conditioner. You won’t need these every day but boy do you need it. Your girl will thank you. Comes in 100ml bottle too…perfect size for your shaving kit.

Well there you have it. A simple list of items to keep with you in the trailer all spring/summer. Now let’s go CAMPING!!!

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