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Giving Mom a Day Off

Wondering what to get the woman in your life for Valentines Day? We’ve got you covered.

We are down with any excuse to let Mom relax in a warm bath accompanied by some silence in her own home. While she’s doing that, we chill out with the little man and we’re pretty sure there are plenty of Dads on the Shore who like to do the same. So we’re gonna make it a little easier for you to give your love some privacy.

We are offering 15% off 1 cut when Dad and Son come in to Man Up together for a cut with our “Mini Man Discount”. Though we offer this promotion year round to all “Big Men” who want to treat a “Mini Man” to a salon visit, Valentine’s Day (or any days leading up to it) can be the perfect time to book your Mini Man Up! THIS is how you work it into the best gift EVER!:

Where can you go other than Science World or the Aquarium to bond with your boy? Well… let’s start the day with a cruise at William Griffin Skate Park. Then, kick it at the beach with a hot coco from Delaney’s Coffee House (kids love their chocolate whip) then off to do a little fishing on Capilano River…maybe Rice Lake? Now you’ve worked up an appetite so you’ll definitely want to kill some time chowing on taco’s at La Taqueria Pinche Taco (now on the North Shore!!!). Finally, pop into Man Up Grooming for a clean up before heading home to knock Mom’s socks off with your sweet new look.

We promise, returning with a tired little dude, something fresh for dinner and sweet lid on you and the kid? Mom with be forever grateful…even if you just take care of the lids.

Don’t forget, we offer our Mini Man Discount year round guys so come say hi with the mini in your life!



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