The MAN UP Experience

QUALITY service
in an INVITING + STYLISH atmosphere.

No sense overcomplicating something that is so simple. When it comes to grooming, real men have requirements and desires. Every MAN UP man will experience respect, comfort and most importantly good looks by the end of their appointment. Up your confidence levels in under an hour at MAN UP. It’s scientific fact that men who are well groomed & who treat themselves with care and pride have a more satisfying sex life.

’nuff said.


From the moment you walk into MAN UP you will be immersed in a completely new and personalized male experience. Be greeted by your host, who will offer you a complimentary beverage of your choice. While you wait for your stylist, relax in one of our massage chairs. Put your feet up and catch up on business news, sports and entertainment on one of our iPads & Free Wifi. Your stylist will be with you shortly!

MAN UP is dedicated to utilizing current technologies and useful amenities to heighten the male grooming experience. Businesses that hope to be recognized as our competition can hardly keep up. We are the new and the best way for men to achieve the appearance they desire and the state of mind they require. As you spend time in our refreshing and energizing space, you’ll quickly realize just how actively we pursue every possible elevation to a man’s life. We believe MAN UP men should have unique priveleges such as access to new products, free samples and invitations to private events held by our Partners & Suppliers (beer-tasting and free stuff anyone?)

See you soon, you manly man.

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