Everyone looks at it all day. Keep your face in peak condition to garner the most positive reactions from colleagues, friends and family – whether you’re closing deals or giving goodnight kisses. A man’s skin can be as unique as his fingerprint and we have the products and techniques available to ensure your face is kept in optimal condition. You think your beard is pretty cool, right? Wait till you have a professional put some real edges and design on it – with a trim that actually makes it look fuller. You stay clean and smooth for the ladies? There’s not many things left in this world that are as good for you as they were for your grandpa – and the straight shave is one of ‘em. This time-tested technique combines the highest quality steel, soap and skills to make you feel like a new Man. Seriously – your girl won’t stop with the kisses, you big handsome lug.

  • Old School Shave

    This time-proven superior method begins with hot towels and ends with the closest shave you’ve ever had.
  • Smooth Operator

    This popular service includes facial cleanse & scrub with essential oils designed for men, followed by massage, mask & moisturizer.
  • Beard Trim

    Quick clean-up. When we're done, everyone will know that beard is there on purpose.

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