Love or hate it – there it is – your hair. Do you have your father’s cow-lick? Your Grandfather’s pattern of thinning? Do you sometimes wonder if you can pull off a certain hairstyle but just can’t take the plunge with that ‘stylist’ your girl recommends? At MAN UP we are dedicated to providing men with the stylish options and trustworthy techniques to make your hair match the standard set by your wardrobe and personality.

Whether you’re trying to ‘go long’ while avoiding that scraggly middle phase, or you’re thinking it’s time to end the game and go ‘Bruce Willis’, MAN UP has both the technology and techniques to ensure your new look is a positive one.

  • Full Monty

    Shampoo, Signature Head Massage, Cut, Edge, Dry & Style.
  • Full Monty Deluxe

    Neck Blade Shave, Shampoo, Head Massage, Cut, Edge, Dry & Style.
  • Head Shave

    A close shave for that 'Bruce Willis' look
  • Grey Blend

    Less salt, more pepper - hair, moustache or beard.
  • Scalp Stimulant

    Anti thinning treatment, cooling and tingling massage.
  • Cut & Colour

    Colour, Shampoo, Head Massage, Cut, Edge, Style.
  • Highlights & Colour

    Depends on colour, volume and style.

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