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Imagine your toughest work day… tense, busy, stressful. You’re tired, beat and sore. You then leave the office and head to a place that’s comfortable. With a warm atmosphere and friendly people. Someone offers you a quality drink and you are seated in a cozy seat before a big, flat screen TV streaming a live hockey game. Your seat reclines, your socks and shoes are removed and your feet, soak in warm sudsy water. Your toes are worked over, toenails trimmed, rough skin removed and cuticles clipped until your feet are spotless and suddenly they are not a complete embarrassment. Each foot is treated with a deep tissue relaxing massage that includes your calves, shins and ankles which leaves you, from the knees down, better than you’ve felt in years. You go home feeling like a new man. Like a sexier man. A cleaner man. And you are all of thee above now because you’ve experienced a Man Up Pedicure at the hands of Nicole.

Please help us welcome Nicole to the Man Up team by booking an appointment for any one of her specialties. She is a highly experienced aesthetician who can hook you up with everything from the incredible pedicure experience we’ve just described to deep tissue back and shoulder massage to facials and grooming. We are so excited to have her join us and you will be too after your first appointment with her.

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