Hands & Feet

Your wife probably talks about how much she loves a good “mani/pedi” – and for good reason: these are your primary contact points with the world! If you were to ask around; you’ll probably find at least one buddy who will not only admit to receiving a “foot treatment” but will testify that it was awesome. And it truly is awesome.

Our estheticians are experts in their field, so don’t worry about what your feet look like now – they’ve seen it all. Women always talk about the tiniest details that throw a man’s sexiness out the window; hands and feet are in this category (especially hands). When your quick, thorough and completely non-ticklish treatment is finished, you won’t believe they’re your own feet.

  • Foot Maintenance

    Foot soak, callous work to soften tough skin, nail trim, cuticle maintenance and massage.
  • Foot Overhaul

    For those feet that require a little extra attention... includes everything (and more) mentioned in Foot Maintenance.
  • Hand Maintenance

    Nail trimming, cuticle maintenance, massage and a natural buffed finish.


    Man Up is the perfect location to gather your boys together before any big event such as a wedding, award ceremony or business function.

    Whether you are facing a “superbowl” event in your life, or your Project Team just finished a marathon at work – a MAN UP group event is the best way to ensure you’re feeling prepped and powerful for whatever is coming next. If you need some justification (which you don’t) check the hours you logged at the office last month; and take a moment.

    You make the decision on who & why you bring a gang in to MAN UP. We see a variety of groups and occasions that reserve our entire space and get down to the serious business of relaxing and catching up together in a place where guy-talk about guy-stuff doesn’t get peppered with the opinions of the women we love. Some great group events include:


    It’s not a coincidence that you’re called a Groom with a crew of Groomsmen. Be sure you look the part by eliminating any sign of the stag party with a service package that ensures your bride and her girls share your look of amazement when everyone’s face-to-face on the big day.

    Sports Teams

    Want a place to brag about and recount all those near misses and epic plays? The Man Up space gives your team the freedom to celebrate and tell your fish stories without having to explain it to the girls who might question your semi-professional talent.

    Corporate & Retirement

    Mad Men aren’t the only guys who deserve some recognition and reward for a job well-done. After all the team-building ropes courses and work-place sensitivity training; there’s a growing need for professional relationship building to occur in formats that recognize the inherent differences between men and women. Shake up the regular patterns and find the space to speak freely.

    Family Reunions

    All the ladies have been talking about the importance of this event and all the photos that are going to capture the family at their best – so make sure it happens. Our space is your space. Fill it with the photos and memories that have brought everyone together. The private bar can be stocked with the ‘Family Label’ of your favorite bevies and the catering will be your favorite foods. What will all the girls in the family do? Something fantastic – somewhere else.

    Group and private events at MAN UP are simply awesome. Go ahead and laugh at your buddy getting his feet done – you’re definitely next… Dare to laugh at your buddy getting married – you just might be next…

    To book your private group event (well in advance) contact us and talk to our host who will help you plan the best way to celebrate your big day with the guys. Call us now: (604) 770.2223

    Big Man / Mini Man

    12Our Members recognize the benefit of developing smart habits in their sons, nephews, grandsons, any mini man in their life; as well as the enjoyment of a unique service, provided perfectly. Nothing facilitates ‘quality time’ like a mutually enjoyable activity to spur conversation and stories. Introduce the Mini Man (under 17) in your life to an amazing experience for men.

    Yep – we recognize a 10yr old might not require a straight shave yet; and his hair-cut needs to be simple and FAST. Mini Man services have a 15% price reduction off the listed price and can be delivered in tandem with your appointment – making your guy bonding experience unique and you can snap some pics for Mom!

    Ready to MAN UP? Call Us or Book your Appointment Online: (604) 770.2223