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It’s 2016 and unlike our parent’s generation, we, as guys, have a huge variety of haircuts to choose from and hair products to use to style them. Gone are the days of having only two options; Buzz cut or Slicked Back (still The-Importance-of-Haircuts-for-Men-in-2014-31completely acceptable looks btw). Our options are endless now and we hold the cards.

 In addition to cut options, we also have the ability to change our look daily simply by changing the products we style with. You might use a pomade for a slick pompadour or a putty for a textured messy look. Mousse for a blow stylish-men-curly-long-hairdried side cut. A cool Mohawk might use a strong hold cream based product. Curls, a light leave on conditioner mixed with a light hold crème. The options are endless and they’re not just for girls now. There are several men’s products to choose from and these products are made specifically for men in that they smell fresh not floral, they are tailored to meet the needs of men’s cuts and styles and aesthetically, they look masculine sitting on your bathroom counter.

We at Man Up carry a large variety of styling aids for men and our stylists are mohawk-hairstyles-for-men3knowledgeable about what you should use for your specific hair type. The most simple change in your after shower routine can have monumental affects on the way you look. Not to mention, it’s a good thing to appear as though you took some time in preparing yourself for the day and your friends/family/girlfriend will notice. It’s good!

Come in and have a consultation at any time…we’ll sort you out so you can look your best and feel even better.



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